solar hornsby

Why do you need solar Hornsby?

The trends in our society are constantly shifting towards more renewable and environmentally aware practices. Whether it be commercial energy, process chains, transportation, or personal energy usage, Australians are starting to steer away from traditional energy sources. It is estimated that solar energy will produce up to 60% of Australia’s energy needs. You can be a part of the change with solar installed at your Hornsby property!


Why Is Solar Energy Better Than Fossil Fuel Energy?

Fossil fuel derived energy has been shown to negatively impact the environment and people’s health. Fossil Fuels are a contributor to air pollution, water pollution and climate change by releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide that warms up our atmosphere. But don’t worry, you can contribute to lowering the use of fossil fuel energy by installing solar Hornsby!


Solar Energy Is The Future

Solar power is a renewable energy source that allows you to power up your Hornsby home with a lower impact on the environment. Not only do solar panels allow you to produce energy to support your home, but energy can in some cases be stored in solar batteries to be used on cloudier days and during the night. Not only does this mean you can help improve the environment with solar Hornsby, but you can also save $ on your energy bill! Many of our customers have had their power bills in credit since installing solar systems with the Tru Blu Team.

And what about maintenance? Our team has serviced and installed hundreds of solar systems. We know exactly what to look for, which means that we can keep your solar system in great condition and assist with any issues that may arise.

Contact us today to book a free solar feasibility report and a free on-site quote. You will be surprised by how fast you can lower your energy costs, while doing something good for the environment. 

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