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Why not get your hot water powered from your solar panels? After all it is the most efficient and cheapest way to heat your water. Heating your water with solar power can be done in many different ways but here at Tru Blu Solar Co we recommend only one! The catch power solar hot water diverter. You might ask why? Well the answer is simple. Ain’t nothing to it, it’s the best way to do it! If you are going to install solar panels or already have them on your roof then this is the most convenient, flexible and economical way to heat your water! Our electricians will install the hot water diverter in your switchboard so that the unused solar power from your panels is sent directly to your hot water tank. As a result, your hot water tank stays hot and does not need to charge from the grid powered supply of electricity. The best thing is it works with both conventional electric hot water tanks and the modern heat pump tanks. Which is great because if you have a conventional electric hot water tank already installed and is in good condition you can get Tru Blu Solar Co to install a hot water diverter right away. When the conventional electric hot water tank eventually needs to be replaced, we recommend that you install a heat pump tank. Heat pumps tanks are use less energy to heat the water, come with an upfront discount as a part of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and, can even be powered by your hot water diverter! This is a far better way to heat your water than using the dedicated solar panels or tubes that get mounted on the roof. Why take up valuable roof real estate with solar hot water panels that only heat water when you can just as easily put nicer looking solar photovoltaic panels on your roof that provide power to the entire home?

How Will Solar Hot Water Work in my Home?

The solar hot water diverter you see in the picture is installed in your main switchboard. We connect it directly to your hot water system, your solar output and the mains supply of electricity. As you can see, there are four buttons on the front of the device. The solar only button is to allow your hot water tank to heat only from the excess solar energy. The boost buttons are used in the instance where you may not have enough excess solar power because it is winter and you have a small roof with as many panels as you can fit but you still can’t get enough power to fulfill the energy requirements in your home. The solar energy will first heat the hot water tank as much as it can and then, the boost kicks in. These boost buttons will automatically ensure that your hot water tank is heated for 2.5hrs or 5 hours per day, from the grid supplied electricity.  The other button you see is the heat now button. This button is used to directly apply heat to the hot water tank irrespective of the settings on the hot water diverter. The Catch Power device is rated up to 4.8kW which means it can handle just about any residential hot water tank there is!

Catch Power Hot Water Diverter
iStore Heat Pumps for Solar Hot Water Systems

Heat Pump Tank for Solar Hot Water

A heat pump is our recommended method of heating and storing your hot water. Especially if you are looking at fixing/replacing an old electric hot water tank or if you are building your new home. We supply and install the iStore Heat Pump. It is a type of hot water tank that the catch power hot water diverter will power off your solar panels and together they create the perfect solar hot water system. These little rippers come in either a 180L or 270L tank. They have a 5 year warranty and are rated at a maximum of 2.2kW and 3.1kW respectively. Which is far less than the maximum power that the hot water diverter can handle. If you have a large family and need more hot water you can pair the 180L tanks to have a combined total of 360L of hot water storage. For any hot water system you will also need a plumber to assist you. We work with local professional plumbers who we can recommend for your project. If you want more information feel free to visit the contact page and submit an inquiry. 

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