General electrical

General Electrical Work

Our site technicians and CEC accredited installers are first and foremost electricians. In our site inspections you can expect that our team are naturally taking note of the existing electrical installation and will point out any defects or things that we suggest need some work. This service is generally offered alongside one of our others and bundled into a package. Our clients find it particularly beneficial that they can easily have our team fix some lights, add some fans or do a switchboard upgrade whilst we are on site doing the solar installation. And, as we are already on site for another job there is no call out fees or admin fees associated with the additional works. So it is a win-win situation! Our team is experienced in being able to provide the best professional advice in order to keep your family safe, identify any faulty circuits and provide reasonable and most importantly compliant solutions to supply safe power to your property. If you have a faulty circuit that needs fixing, or need some switchboard modifications you have come to the right place. Get in touch with the team and we can assist!


Switchboard Upgrades

Photo of Billy and Paul working on a Switchboard Upgrade for Brian Hilton Toyota - Wyoming

Why do we need to do them?

There are many factors that contribute to why you may need a switchboard upgrade. There simply may not be enough room to add to the existing board. Maybe there are no safety switches. It is a requirement of AS/NZS 3000:2018 that when any electrical circuit is altered that RCD protection is required. In simple terms that means you need a safety switch. You don’t need to upgrade the circuit if all you are doing is replacing a like for like fan or powerpoint for example. However, as soon as you add more to the existing electrical installation you are altering the circuit and it must be brought up to code. This can mean significant re-wiring work in your switchboard and your home. It is vitally important to remember that these rules are in place for a reason. Safety switches are used on electrical circuits to reduce the risk of electrocution, fire and damage to property. 

adding solar, battery or an electric vehicle Charger?

In the case of adding solar, a battery or an EV charger to your home we need to install a significant amount of equipment in your main switchboard. This can mean significant drilling into your switchboard and rejigging the existing circuit breakers to make room. Now if the switchboard has an asbestos panel and the circuit breakers are old fuses it can cost more in protection and labour to use the old parts than it is to just throw out the old stuff and replace it with new. This also allows you and your family to rest easy knowing that you have the safest electrical installation and circuit protection for your home.

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