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4 Misconceptions About Solar Power You Shouldn’t Believe

Solar power has been getting more and more attention from consumers these days, and with good reason. It’s easy to set up and runs on energy that’s clean and green! However, as more consumers take an interest in solar power, some myths about solar power have been circulating for a while. Here are four of the most common myths about solar power Central Coast that you should know about if you don’t want to get bamboozled!

Myth: It’s Too Expensive

Yes, when compared to other renewable energy resources like wind and geothermal power, solar may cost higher. But if you look at it from a price-per-watt standpoint (this is what you pay per watt for electricity generated) it’s hard to argue that solar isn’t cost competitive. While solar panels have a high up-front cost, they will end up saving you money in the long run. Depending on where you live and what types of incentives are available, solar Central Coast can pay for themselves in 5 to 10 years.

Myth: They are Hard to Maintain:

Let’s be honest; you do have to clean them every once in a while. But cleaning solar panels does not require any special tools or chemicals, so even non-experts can easily get it done with little effort. By following some simple steps, you can keep your solar panels functional for years to come. It is recommended that you clean your panels at least twice a year. This way, they will always be ready when they are needed most.

Myth: They Aren’t Efficient Enough

Not all solar panels are created equal, so it’s important to invest in the best quality panels for optimal energy efficiency. Some of them perform much better than others, but don’t let that dissuade you from using them. If they can bring your energy bill down and make you less reliant on carbon-emitting fuels, use them! Ongoing research and development will only improve efficiency of solar Central Coast in years to come. Given time, we will be able to harness nearly all available energy from our sun.

Myth: The Panels Will Go Bad in the Sun

Solar panels are made of silicon, which is highly resistant to corrosion and immune to sun damage. The panels will last for many years without showing any signs of deterioration. It’s important to clean your solar panels occasionally with a soft brush to ensure they are free from dirt and debris, or let the pros maintain it for you.

These are some of the popular myths about solar power that has been confusing people and preventing them from taking advantage of the many benefits it offers. When you’re considering solar power, you may hear lots of different opinions and ideas about how it works. This is why it is ideal to discuss with one of the reputable Central Coast solar companies before making a commitment.

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