Solar Battery Central Coast

Solar battery Central Coast

Sometimes your solar panels will generate more electricity than you use at that time. So why not store it in a solar battery Central Coast! A solar battery can help you store excess electricity that is generated in the day for night time usage. Otherwise, the electricity is sold to the grid at 7-12c/kWh and then you buy it back from the energy retailer at anywhere from 30-70c/kWh.

Once the batteries are full unused electricity can in some cases be sold back to the grid which can give you a credit with your electricity provider. How much depends on your location and how much electricity your solar panels generate. Questions? Have a look at our FAQ or contact us via our contact page

Black out?

There are many uses for a solar battery Central Coast. As mentioned above, it can store electricity for the future in your home or on your property. It is also an absolute necessity if you want to have power when everyone else in the street is in a black out.

Our expert team will advise you on the best solution for your properties demand so that you still have power to the essential circuits during a black out. Having a solar battery Central Coast can enable you to work from the office during a blackout and can keep your kids entertained and the lights turned on so you feel secure and safe.

Why trust Tru Blu Solar Co to install your solar battery Central Coast?

The combination of technical aptitude, industry partnerships, tradesman experience, and engineering skills that Tru Blu Solar Co has will guarantee the successful installation of a solar battery. We can ensure the systems are safely and efficiently installed so that you can start enjoying the benefits of your solar battery in no time. Additionally:

  • We’re A Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Retailer, Designer and Installer.
  • We provide our customers with a 10-year installation warranty, and secured protection over the standard manufacturer’s product warranties. We won’t let you down!
  • We have experience with installing and maintaining the best products available in Australia. 
  • We’re a trusted contractor – We provide our customers with an extensive portfolio covering all aspects of our work, including all warranties, equipment, and labor.


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