Solar Repair and Maintenance Central Coast

Electrical Maintenance

The Tru Blu Solar Co team has experience in a range of electrical maintenance applications. Thermal imaging, electrical testing, fault finding, insurance reporting, make safes, preventative maintenance and remote engineering support are some of the things we do to serve the industry. Often we can identify a fault before we arrive to site because we use monitoring devices in our installations. Our team has proprietary company procedures that we have developed over years of practice that enable us to solve problems fast. We know our products, their capabilities, limitations and what to expect when things go wrong. If you have a problem with an electrical installation related to solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure or any electrical faults get in touch with our expert team and we will be more than happy to fix it for you!


Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging on a Solar Panel showing signs of Hail Damage - Swansea

Hail damaged solar panels

Although our solar panels are built extremely tough to survive the harsh Australian environment and have a hail damage warranty, severe large hailstones can void this warranty and damage the panels. A thermal imaging photograph can pick this up early after hail has impacted the panels before the problem worsens. 

Insurance Reporting for severe weather damage

This type of thermal imaging can show evidence of hail damage which can support an insurance claim for rectification of a damaged solar panel system. Diagnosing this early is vital to ensure that severe degradation of cell quality does not occur in your solar panels. Furthermore, hail damaged panels like you cans ee in the photo to the left can lead to earth faults from the panels backsheet being delaminated due to excess heat within the structure of the panel. This is a significantly dangerous fault as the solar panels when under sunlight are constantly live and not electrically isolated. 

Switchboard upgrades

A photo of an old 2 phase Main Switchboard that needs an upgrade
Classic photo of an old 2 phase Main Switchboard that needs an upgrade. Very commonly found on residential properties - Umina Beach

Safety Switches

Safety switches are a common name used for RCBO’s or earth leakage circuit breakers. These are used in modern electrical installations to prevent the risk of electric shock, fire and damage to property. They are basically a switch in your board that looks nearly exactly the same as the ones you see in the photo. However, safety switches are required to be installed on all final subcircuits when any electrical alterations are carried out. The only way around this is a like for like replacement. However, as soon as you want to add even a single powerpoint to the circuit it must be brought up to code. 

Asbestos switch panels

As we are all well aware of working with asbestos is dangerous and is to be avoided at all costs. There are certain things we can and can’t do working in a switchboard that contains an asbestos panel. Most of the time for any significant work to be done it is going to be safer and more cost effective for the panel to be removed and replaced.

Level 2 Electrical Work

This switchboard will require a level 2 electrician for a number of reasons including; the installation of an SPD/MPD fuse, a new electricity meter and to upgrade the tails of the mains supply cables between the meters in the back of the switchboard. This is all required for any new solar and battery installation and is recommended will also be required for any switchboard upgrade. 

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